No One Laughs at a Dead Clown

A Murder Mystery by DC Erickson

No One Laughs at a Dead Clown – Murder Mystery

Love clowns? Hate clowns? Both? Murder mystery No One Laughs at a Dead Clown expertly weaves together a murder investigation of a San Margarita pier clown, beloved by many and despised by more, and surfers, sharks and gangs.

Join us in learning about protagonist Razz McNeil and his young family, victim Wally Bumpers, dangerous gang leader Louis Marcayda, paranoid cop “Sharky” Sampson, and scores of colorful characters from a (barely) fictional California coastal town.

From the Back Cover:

When an amusement park clown is strung to pilings under the San Margarita Pier, a deadly message is sent. Then all hell breaks loose for aging surfer dude Razz McNeil, manager of the Surf’s Up Saloon when he becomes entangled in the subsequent murder investigation. But who sent the macabre message? And why?

Razz is first accused of murder by his former friend, Police Sergeant Gerard “Sharky” Sampson, and then he’s enlisted to help solve the crime. Out of his element, but addicted to the thrill, Razz treads in the wrong places and on the wrong toes. All the while, he tries desperately to convince his wife not to divorce him and to convince himself he still deserves her. But when his sleuthing leads him to penetrate the dubious business dealings of his new boss, alleged drug lord Louis Marcayda, Razz becomes desperate just to stay alive.

Author and Locale

An exciting murder mystery novel by DC Erickson, No One Laughs at a Dead Clown captures the fun, sun, surf and danger of fictional San Margarita, California. “Named after Saint Marge, patron saint of tequila drinks, an ugly saint who magically gets better looking around two a.m., San Margarita is a coastal town renowned for its warm weather, beautiful beaches and even more beautiful women, the province of real estate speculators, lawyers, the homeless, and enough psychiatrists and shamans to take care of them all.”

No One Laughs at a Dead Clown

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